New: Widgets on Facebook - Now on Mobile!

Facebook Mobile Screenshots.jpg

Earlier this year, changes on both Facebook and Widgety meant that it is now possible to embed a Widget on any business Facebook page (read our how to guide here). However, Facebook tabs are not available to view on mobile devices; it’s not just our Widgets, but any tabs for TripAdvisor, Instagram and anything else that can be added to your page.

However, we use the third-party app Static HTML to embed the iFrames, and they have found a way to workaround this restriction so that visitors to your Facebook page can see the Widgets on any device. This workaround will allow you to get a link to those tabs, so you can shared it with your users who might be viewing your Facebook page on a mobile device.

Facebook reports that 56.5% of its users only ever login from a mobile device, meaning that over half of your potential viewers can’t see a lot of the content that you put on your page. Further to this, there are more than 1.15 billion daily mobile users worldwide. The mobile-viewing market is certainly not one to be missed (stats from Facebook, 26/7/17).


  1. Go to your tab with a Widget in and click the green ‘Edit tab’ button.

  2. You should see the box where the iFrame is embedded. Next to the green ‘Preview’ button on the top right of the page is another button that says ‘Enable on Mobile Devices’.

  3. A paragraph of copy will come up about Facebook’s restrictions on viewing tabs on mobile devices, and underneath it there will be a short URL. The URL given is a direct link to the custom tab, meaning that you can copy and paste the link anywhere for people to go straight to it.

  4. You could paste the link into a regular Facebook post, into your ‘About Us’ section or anywhere else you can think of. Anyone on mobile can now click on the link and go to the tab.

One example of this in action is on the Burley New Forest Facebook page. They have five Widgets embedded as custom tabs but usually they can’t be seen anywhere but desktop. Chris at Burley Fudge has pasted the links to the tabs in a post, and then pinned it to the top of the timeline. Anyone now visiting the page, whether on desktop or device, will see the links to the guides straight away.

Our suggestion: add all your links to a post on your wall in 'pin it' to the top. That way, all of the users on mobile will see those link as the first thing on your wall. To pin a post on your wall, click on the '. . .' icon in the top right of the post, and select 'Pin to top of page'.