A New Destination in the Forest: Burley Village

The Burley Village website is a content-rich, attractive community website built for visitors by the business owners in Burley. Run by volunteers, it has been difficult in the past to keep the website up to date with village events and business details as no one was in overall control.

In 2016, Widgety worked with the village to help the website become self updating, replacing the existing content on each page with a series of dedicated Shopping / Eating / Staying in Burley Guides.

Each business is now responsible for updating their own information in one place only: Widgety. A business creates their page, includes all of their information, images, videos and downloads and it appears instantly in the appropriate guide on the website. Events and promotions can be added, and business information can be changed at any time, all without anyone having to log in or update the village website.

So when Burley Fudge added in their event and updated opening hours on Widgety, this fed through to the Events page on the Burley Village website immediately. When the event ends it will automatically disappear, meaning that there will never be an old event or last year’s brochures, and the businesses don’t have to remember to remove them.

The solution makes it easier for the village to work together and become a destination, rather than just a collection of businesses. One village, but a place to go horse riding, cycling, fudge and cider tasting, for a great pub lunch, the base for some idyllic walks.

It allows the businesses to get new customers from someone who visits the village because visitors will be aware of any events or promotions that the other businesses have, making Burley Village worth a visit as a whole, not just for one shop.
The village website has a wealth of content, it costs the businesses from £5 a month, but in addition their content is fed out to a wider audience of accommodation and visitor websites across the forest.


"At our shop in the New Forest we offer something a little different but find the speed with which modern technology develops baffling but know that we need it.  It was all very easy, even I could do it with the help of Widgety" - Amanda, Face the Music

“I’m very happy with Widgety, it allows me to instantly promote my business or an event to a large number of people in a very efficient and targeted way” - Chris, Burley Fudge