Our Top Tips for Beautiful Widgets

If you've never made a Widget before it can seem a little daunting, so here are our top tips for making your Widget look stunning.

Make it Yours

To match the colours of your Widget to your website, we recommend a colour extension for your web browser such as ColorZilla, which will copy a colour code to your clipboard that you can paste into one of the colour boxes in your Widget design. ColorZilla can scan the website to give you all the colours used and will save any that you have chosen. You can download it for Chrome or Firefox.

Keep it Simple

The Widget Factory offers a huge number of customisable fields where you can change colours, fonts and sizes. While it can be tempting to randomly change them all, we find that the best way to make a Widget look beautiful is by keeping it simple. Try to not have more than two fonts, and avoid opposite clashing colours such as pink and green, or yellow and purple. If your website uses an image as the background, the Widget can be made completely transparent to match your website, or go semi-transparent for a subtle blend that makes the it stand out.

Choose Relevant Content

There is a lot of content on Widgety that you could include, so it’s important to choose content that visitors to your site would want to see. It can be tempting to base our content choices on our own preferences, but families with small children won’t be blown away by your choice of bars, and couples on a romantic getaway might not want the events at Peppa Pig World.

Pick according to what your customers would want, and if you can’t decide, you could make a Widget for families and another for couples, which can display separately on your website.

Be Creative

There are so many ways our Widgets can be used that are often overlooked; why not choose restaurants within a mile of your location, car parks in the city or places within walking distance? In the future there will be extra options to choose places that are dog-friendly, have easy disabled access or are free to visit, making the range of possible Widgets even bigger.

Other Quick Tips

  • Click on the cog symbol next to the search bar to reveal a few more customisable options. These are easily missed!

  • Save your theme. This will save all of your settings so any new Widgets will perfectly match your existing ones and save you a lot of time.

  • Make sure the URL for the page you embed the widget on has a clear page name so that it is easy to find, for example /local-events, or /where-to-go for events and places Widgets.

Should you need any help customising our Widgets, have a look at this article on our support website.