Careys Manor & The Montagu Arms - The Full Set

Careys Manor & The Montagu Arms are part of a small hotel group and are some of the most prestigious hotels in The New Forest, with beautifully-designed websites to match their reputation. However, with two hotels, four restaurants, a pub, spa, weddings and corporate events all needing attention, it's safe to say they have a lot going on.

They wanted to improve the guest experience for those who had already decided to stay, or who were already there, without having to dedicate a member of staff or a large amount of time to it.

Furthermore, they wanted a customer to look on their website to find not only a superb hotel and range of facilities, but also to find what they could do once they arrived and how they could make the most of their stay. This way the customer doesn’t have to look on any other website in the entire booking process, where they could be tempted to book a different hotel or restaurant.

This was where Widgety could help. By providing complete guides to the area for both websites, neither hotel has to worry about keeping any information up to date. They could choose the content they wanted, making sure to avoid competing hotels in the area, while showing guests all the exciting things that were nearby. The hotels manage all the Widgets and content themselves.

Both Careys Manor and The Montagu Arms have their own events throughout the year, so as well as these events appearing on Widgets on other websites, they decided to have Widgets on their own sites just for their own events. This again saves them time because the events only have to be created in one place for them to feed out across multiple websites including their own, and also because once the event is over it will automatically be removed from Widgety, requiring absolutely no maintenance.

Both hotels have a full set of Widgets, including local events, their own events, places to go in The New Forest and Visitor Information Centres, complete with downloadable resources from any attractions that they choose. They are also working towards having a Brochure Rack for their own resources, including all menus for the restaurants, what’s available in the spa and the wedding brochures.

On top of this, both hotels have recently decided to embed the Visitor Information Centres onto their Facebook pages. Still in branded colours, the Widgets show only the content relevant to their guests, which can be easily downloaded at any time. Available before they book, when they arrive, when they're out and about, and on social media in the palm of their hand.

The Widgets;