Introducing the Widgety Blog

Widgety had a lot of news in 2016 - new customers, features on our platform, we even won funding awards from the UK government - it's just that we were so busy we didn't do a great job of telling everyone. 

If all goes according to plan, this will be the place where you can find out:

  • What's happening on the system
  • New clients that have joined us 
  • Information on new features and releases
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Tips and Tricks to using our platform and building Widgets
  • Any other relevant news

The blog is split up between our three main target audiences:

  • Tourism & Leisure – for articles relating to the 'Places' side of the platform
  • Cruise & Travel – for content specifically for Travel Agents and Cruise Operators
  • Tech – for all the techies and developers out there that are using our Widgets and/or API on their website

From now on, our newsletters will be built using links to articles posted in the previous month. This new setup will allow us to go into more details on each topic we wanted to talk to you about, without having to make sure the content is short enough for an email.  Since we've added a comments system, this will also allow you to give us your opinion.