Widgety on Facebook - DoubleTree by Hilton Southampton

DoubleTree by Hilton is located just outside Southampton, in perfect reach of attractions in the city centre, the New Forest, Winchester and Portsmouth. The hotel has 135 rooms, its own restaurant, bar and lounge, 24-hour gym and a business centre.

However, despite their great location and facilities, the hotel are unable to promote anything to their guests on their website because it is controlled by the wider DoubleTree by Hilton group. All the hotels have to have uniform sites, so they cannot add events, attractions or brochures, and the hotel cannot change or add anything themselves.

DoubleTree by Hilton Southampton can now have local events, attractions and things to do recommended to their guests on their Facebook page. The page is already very active and is updated regularly, with more than 21,000 online check-ins and 1200 likes, as well as the ability to book a table at the restaurant and view the TripAdvisor reviews. Adding an interactive, searchable guide to the area for their guests means that their Facebook page is potentially more useful to visitors than the official website.

Alongside the What’s On and Where to Go Widgets, DoubleTree by Hilton have also embedded a Visitor Information Centre, which shows all the resources and downloads available from the attractions that they feature in the other Widgets. This means that without even leaving Facebook, a guest or potential guest can see that Paultons Park isn’t far away from the hotel, which events they have on at the moment and also download the park map to both the main park and Peppa Pig World.

Finally, DoubleTree by Hilton have included a Brochure Rack to display their own restaurant menus and other brochures, which they cannot put on the main website. Guests can see what they might have for dinner after their day out, and for breakfast the next morning.

"We have been able to, really easily, build a series of Widgets and install them on dedicated tabs on our Facebook page. It took less than half an hour and we can now post to these pages, encourage guests to 'like them' and of course it can be used by our own reception staff as well".

Richard Groome  - General Manager  Hilton by DoubleTree