A New Website for Widgety with Dedicated Pages for Your Business

Welcome to Widgety’s new website. While the principal behind what we do is very simple - providing cruise, travel and visitor content for websites from the cruise lines, attractions and businesses they wish to showcase. Widgety has grown since our launch 3 years ago in 2014 to provide a large range of highly customisable Widgets,  a detailed API and some unique partnership opportunities.

The new site is based around getting you to the page most relevant for your business and then showing you exactly what is available. There are dedicated pages for your type of business with an introduction, pop up examples of our solutions, testimonials and a portfolio of clients we work with like yours.

There are image galleries and live examples of Widgets for you to try as well as lots of links to examples on the web.

We have built a simple pricing page so you can see instantly how much it costs.

The About Us page includes our mission statement and some heavily edited images of the team (we look better in black and white as drawings).

We will be adding in more pages for specific businesses in the coming weeks, amending copy and building links to the Widgety support and developer website.

We do want your feedback so just email me at damian@widgety.co.uk if you do have any suggestions. We are planning on building a dedicated partner page for those companies who provide solutions on our behalf. If you would like to be included then just give us a call.