Widgets Now Work On Your Facebook Page

Head on over to our new website and we have built a dedicated page for everything you can do with Widgety on your Facebook page HERE. Due to a change in our iframe code and from Facebook at the turn of the year, accommodation and visitor websites can now easily embed all their What's On, Where to Go and Visitor Information guides on their Facebook page.

Travel agents can now add in their cruise line Brochure Racks and own resources onto social media pages as well.

Facebook allows up to 12 tabs on your company page and it's really easy to set up and install. You can rename the tabs, move the page order on the page and still do everything on the page as normal - liking it, adding in numbers to call etc.

Facebook apps do not work on mobile phones however so you will need to add in a link on the page to make these work. We have written a handy guide HERE on how to make it work.

We already have some fantastic examples live; with Hotel Visitor Information Centres HERE, our partner site CruiseSouthampton HERE and over 10 Travel Agents in the coming week.

"We have been able to, really easily, build a series of Widgets and install them on dedicated tabs on our Facebook page. It took less than half an hour and we can now post to these pages, encourage guests to 'like them' and of course it can be used by our own reception staff as well".

Richard Groome  - General Manager  Hilton by DoubleTree