Searchable Cruise Line Brochures for your Facebook pages

Clare Dudley founded Ponders Travel 7 years ago. The number of cruise lines, cruises on offer and brochures available has exploded in recent years. Customers increasingly research more online, both through online search and social media. For small independent travel agents on tight margins, standing out on the web across all these channels can be bewildering.

It has become difficult to get in store all the brochures from the cruise lines you wish to sell and posting them out is just too expensive.

Ponders Travel have separate websites and Facebook pages for Ocean, River and Star Clippers Cruise Lines. Each website and Facebook page now has a branded, self updating Brochure Rack with the Cruise Line brochures and resources Ponders have chosen to feature.  

Find Brochure Rack ON FACEBOOK and WEBSITES

  • New and existing customers can download and read brochures before they visit the store or phone in.
  • Every brochure is available as a link to email to clients
  • Staff in store can download the latest editions and even email specific pages to customers
  • Ponders Travel's own newsletters and branded brochures can also be uploaded to the shelves

Clare from Ponders Travel says

"it looks great, and they took less than 5 minutes to install on Facebook. It's a resource that we never had before. The new Celebrity Edge brochures were live on the day of their release in April and we have every specialist and regional brochure from all the cruise lines on there as well"

Widgety is starting to work with Tour Operators and Consortia to broaden the reach of Brochure Rack, bringing in non cruise brochures, window cards and special offer leaflets.

An advanced Brochure Rack is on the way with "tags" chosen by the travel agent such as "world cruises, new for 2018, river" etc