Southampton Uploads The City

Widgety have launched a Bulk Uploader for places, events and promotions.  Great news if you have a large amount of events, promotions or places to go up in one go. The new uploader is designed to be easy to use and save the time that adding in each event or place individually can take.

One of the first big uploads that we did was for the Southampton City Council attractions; SeaCity Museum, Tudor House & Gardens and the Southampton City Art Gallery. Each of these has events that run throughout the year, including special events, school holidays and special interests such as local history or art.

As the all the events are now uploaded to their websites and Facebook pages directly from Widgety, it frees up time and resources for the council’s Arts & Heritage service which can be focused elsewhere. It also helps them reach new audiences through Widgety’s other clients.

Widgety was able to upload every single event between till the end of October in a short space of time, freeing up time until the winter events schedule is planned and released.

In total 81 events were uploaded using the Bulk Uploader, saving over a day in time

Further to this, the Southampton City Art Gallery and SeaCity Museum websites have now completely replaced their own event calendars with our What’s On Widgets, complete with images, resources, ticket prices and contact details. 

SeaCity Museum What's On Guide

Southampton City Art Gallery What's On Guide

Using our previous blog post as a guide, they were able to embed the new Widgets on all their Facebook pages for the three attractions.

SeaCity Museum Facebook Events

Southampton City Art Gallery Facebook Events

Tudor House & Gardens Facebook Events

Changes to existing events can be made in Widgety at any time just once, automatically updating their own websites, Facebook pages and other third-party websites featuring the museums.