One Hotel's Wedding Proposal

When a hotel manager makes the point that 50% of wedding bookings come through Facebook, you realise that having your brochures, menus, group bookings and wedding information on social media is more than just 'a good idea', it's essential.

Putting a Brochure Rack on Facebook is proving popular because it can help to turn your business page into a sales opportunity.

Since most hotels that offer weddings have a specific wedding brochure, it is possible to now have a separate 'weddings' tab on your Facebook page, with a Brochure Rack for all the related resources - wedding brochures, open days, sample menus, buffet menus, recommended services and special offers.

Hotels that offer weddings can easily use Facebook to advertise only to people who have listed themselves as 'engaged', putting the wedding content right in front of the people who are most likely to be looking for it. More than just an advert, now they can download all the information they want directly from your Facebook page.