New Features: Renaming & Drop-Off Dates for Brochures and Attachments

After uploading a new Brochure or Attachment, you will now be prompted to check its name, and set a drop-off date for it.

Rename your files so they're easy to find ON Brochure Rack

By giving your files a proper name, users searching for your Brochures and Attachments will be able to find them more easily.

Don't forget to include your Place/Business Name, so those looking for any files from you can find them by simply typing in your name.

Drop-Off Dates: Set your files to delete themselves, and forget about them!

You no longer need to remember to go in and remove your attachment, simply set a date for it to be removed when you first upload it.

This is especially useful for Brochures or attachments to Events and Promotions, which often are only applicable up until a specific date.

You can also check the drop-off date at any point, by going to edit the page where your file is located and checking the date showed next to its name.

Make changes whenever you want

Should you need to, you can change the names and drop-off dates you set at any point. To do so, simply go to the edit page where your files are located, and click on the 'Edit' button next to your files.

These options are optional. So, should the name or your file be fine, and a drop-off date be unnecessary, simply click on CONFIRM.