A complete Cruise Ship on your website in under 3 seconds

With an increasing number of Travel Agents embedding our Ship iFrames onto their websites, we've released some new features. You can find them in the customisation section of the Widget Factory.

Optimise your Ship iFrames for you website

Ship iframe new options.png

Using the new EXPECTED WIDTH field will allow you to optimise the images in your Ship iFrames, so they are exactly the right size for the area they'll be showing on your website.

To use this new feature, simply enter the expected width in pixel of the area your Ship iFrame will be embedded on. This number will allow the system to calculate the perfect width of all the images in the iFrame, which will then create a specific version of each image at this correct width. 

The Ship iFrame will load much faster than before, because it will no longer be loading images bigger than necessary.

For a more details, please read our Optimising images in a Ship iFrame support article.

Save time during creation: apply a theme to your Ship iFrames

After you've created your first Ship iFrame, you have the option to save your design as a theme. The button is available in the 'Preview your Widget' step, at the bottom of the EMBED tab.

Once you've saved a theme, it will be available to apply to any future Ship iFrame you create in the same layout (ie DEFAULT or COLLAPSED), saving you time during the creation process. 

Should you wish to make a change to your theme, simply edit one of the Ship iFrames currently using it, make the required changes in the Customisation step, and select UPDATE THEME in the EMBED tab of the 'Preview your Widget' step. This will apply the changes you've just made to all the other Ship iFrames that are currently using it. 

For more information, please read our Using Themes in Widgets support article.

Make it yours: replace the introduction and video with your own

We understand that each Travel Agent might want to express their own opinion on a specific ship, or feature their agency's video of a specific ship or brand. That's why you can now replace the Introduction and the video with your own, right from the Customisation step.

To do so, simply click on the tooltips on the Introduction, or the Video, and replace the content in the text field with your own copy, or video URL. For more information, please read the last two sections of this support article.

New Show and Hide Options

You can now choose to hide any of the following:

  • Ship Name
  • Cover Image
  • Logo
  • Introduction
  • Video

The layout will shift around as you hide elements, so as not to leave in any blank spaces where the elements used to be. For more details, please read the first section of this support article.