Red Funnel Find New Ways to Interact with 30,000 Facebook Followers

Following on from our previous blog about how Red Funnel are utilising Widgety for their website, we have some exciting updates: Red Funnel have now chosen to embed Widgets on their Facebook page.

There are currently four different Widgets on the Facebook page, all displaying useful information for anyone travelling from the Isle of Wight to the Mainland or vice-versa.

The ability to display up-to-date timetables means that people thinking about making the crossing can find out and download all the information they need. The timetables Brochure Rack includes ferry, Red Jet and bus times, so no one ever has to miss a ferry by minutes ever again.

They also have Mainland events (Isle of Wight events coming soon!) and a Where to Go Guide for the south coast and the island.

Finally, there is a ‘Special Offers’ Widget, with full information about what discounts are available, the dates that the offers are on for and links to purchase the tickets online. Any new promotions they add can be quickly uploaded to Widgety and fed out to their own Special Offers Widget and also to other Widgets on our network that have it selected.