Adding Promotions into Widgety

Adding promotions into Widgety can help you to promote your business online, on your own website and Facebook page but also on others. They work in a similar way to our Events Widgets, populated with content provided by customers who have special promotions available.

Read our Adding Events into Widgety guide.

Promotions Widgets are currently only available to our Cruise & Travel customers, but they will be rolling out system-wide in the future. If you are a tourism business, hotel or attraction and are desperate for one, please get in touch as we might be able to help you out!

Businesses can also add the promotions into Widgety and then host them on their own website through their own dedicated Promotions guide.

To add in a single promotion, go to your place or operator page and click ‘Create a New Promotion’ in the navigation on the left hand side.

Fill in as much information as you have in the fields on the next page, the more content you have the more interesting it is. Set the title, dates and times that it runs for; a promotion cannot have started in the past, so if it has already started running just put the current date.

The ‘Publish at’ field specifies when it will go live on the system, so if you want to keep it a secret until the day the promotion starts, set this to sometime in the future.

There are designated boxes for ticket prices, where to buy, social media links and an option to attach a file or YouTube video. Click through the tabs to see all the fields available.

For images, the cover photo needs to be landscape; similar to a Facebook cover photo is ideal.

The final step is to tag your promotion, this could be things like ‘Consumer’, ‘Trade’, ‘Family’, ‘Christmas’ etc. If there is a tag that you want to use but isn’t available yet, you can request a new one which we can approve for you.

Once you’ve followed all the steps click ‘Create Promotion’.

To upload multiple promotions at once you can use the bulk uploader. Please contact us if you wish to use it.